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The Adventurist

Articles reflecting our environmental efforts and the adventures we experience along the way.

Meet Ambassador Corinna Gainan

Many call her Cori, some call her Coco, and a select few may call her Corinna when things get serious. Either way, Cori and her names live a life we can all admire and appreciate.  

Living in the Rocky Mountains, just west of Denver, gives Cori the access to hundreds of beautiful places and activities to do on a regular basis. From mountain biking to backcountry hiking and skiing. And even after a brutal leg accident that left her bedridden for weeks and in rehab for months, Cori was right back to her favorite outdoor hobbies as soon as she could walk again.

As a middle school teacher with such an appreciation for the outdoors, Cori focuses on teaching her students the importance of renewable resources and sustainable environment efforts. "Educating people and changing attitudes about climate is important to maintain not just active outdoor lifestyles, but entire environments from the ocean to the interior of Colorado" says Cori, "I think it's an important job to make climate science understandable and tangible for young people so they can make the best choices for their future too."

Along with planning to convert her car into a bio-diesel, minimizing her meat and dairy intake, Cori even puts an effort into collecting all the recyclables herself and delivering them to the county recycle center every week since her small neighborhood doesn't have recycling services.

Be sure to stay tuned for more updates from Cori and follow along her adventures here: @corignar