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The Adventurist

Articles reflecting our environmental efforts and the adventures we experience along the way.

Meet Ambassador: Trevor Camp


TREVOR CAMP is one of those individuals who's extremely talented, full of knowledge about the outdoors, and has hundreds of incredible stories to tell. But he's also incredibly humble, so you just might have to get him around a camp fire with a whiskey or two to get him to open up a bit.

A near 30 year old wood worker from Utopia, Texas who grew up on a family ranch in an area rich of rivers and streams. Which has had a strong impact on his passion and stewardship Foreland, I mean for land and water. (see what we did there?) 

Whether it's fishing, kayaking, running around the Texas Hill Country looking for caves to explore or digging for arrowheads, he loves spending his time outdoors and feels strongly about the conservation of land and freshwater.  

Him and his beautiful lady, Shaylee (an Interpretive State Park Ranger), currently live in a cabin with an 18,000 gallon rainwater catchment system, which the entire home runs off of. From the sinks and showers to the toilets and washing machines, 100% of their water usages comes from previously stored rainwater. They also do their best to grow their own produce, buy from local markets, and even harvest their own meat. 

Hunting arrowheads has been a lifelong passion of his as well. "The thrill of finding an artifact feels like finding buried treasure, but there’s also a link to the past through that piece that gives me a connection and large respect to the natives. And it’s super cool to know the last person to touch a particular piece is sometimes up to 10,000 years ago" he says.

Aside from Trevor's environmentally conscious efforts, he's also making a career out of transforming old wood from dead trees into beautiful works of art, decor, and even furniture. 

"I’m most experienced in turning bowls on my lathe, but I also really enjoy milling slabs to make into tables. I explicitly only harvest wood from fallen trees or trees that are dead standing" says Trevor.

Like I said, he isn't one to boast about his talents, but we'll let you take a look below and decide for yourself just how amazing he is at turnin' wood. Be sure to follow along Trevor's adventures @trevor_camp_ and his wood work @camp.woodworks to learn more about his environmental efforts and passion for the outdoors.