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Always made from 100% recycled materials. Never anything less.

From our apparel to our packaging and hang tags, everything is strictly made from 100% recycled materials.

Environmental Responsibility

Shop Responsibly

Social Responsibility

100% Recycled Apparel

Each collection is produced in limited quantities to be as sustainable as possible and avoid oversupply of goods.

Production Process


Post-consumer plastic is collected and sorted.


The plastic is shredded and melted into small pieces.


Post-industrial cottons are salvaged and sorted from discarded scraps.


The fibers are blended, spun into yarn, and sewn into garment.

Why Not Organic Cotton?

Organic cotton is expected to have been farmed without harmful fertilizers or pesticides. Although, these methods still require new materials and up to 400% more water and energy than recycled materials.

Microfiber Disclaimer

Washing apparel made with polyester in standard washing machines may lead to microfibers potentially ending up in our oceans. As a company who puts our planet first, we strongly recommend purchasing a microfiber filter.

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